Too Much Love Will Kill You – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 60

And here, finally, Mopey steps back into the fray to deliver the aforementioned coup de grâce. And she’s not really all too graceful about it, either – she probably knows enough French to realize that the word has multiple meanings.

While not overly graceful, the attack fits into the established pattern: love-centered and heart-shaped. Eschewing Snuka’s unadorned style and Biff’s technological sophistication, Mopey follows in Gregory’s footsteps by basing her individualization on the choice of a specific weapon. As the leader, she naturally has to better Gregory on that – and since it would be hard to improve on the rate of fire provided by Gregory’s choice, she naturally chooses to better it on calibre, muzzle velocity, shell weight and range.

Of course she doesn’t totally overdo it. After all, she needs to leave some room for future upgrades, should circumstances ever really compel her to reveal her sceptre’s final form… which, extrapolating from today’s strip, would then probably take the shape of a freakin’ railway gun. >_>

But for today, a towed gun does the trick… said trick sending the unlucky target flying (a considerable distance) while also inflicting massive damage. And sending a target of this weight class flying is no mean trick, by the way. Given the guys weight and shape, I guess it’s not surprising that he developed heart problems…it’s just surprising that it isn’t his own heart giving him the problems.

More on Thursday.

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    1. I would have bet that it was their most successful one, as well – but it turns out that the ones released from 1998 onward actually reached higher chart positions. Figures. XD

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