Heavy Duty Doorstop – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 106

Since the twins already gave us the big picture on the hopeless and depressing situation our friends find themselves in, Mopey only has to fill out the details for flavor – one of the few occasions where she doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting with the exposition.

And there were times when having to relay a bunch of dark, dreary and depressing details would have lifted her spirits considerably, but since that was oldstyle!Mopey, it might no longer apply. It doesn’t make much of a difference in appearances, anyway, since oldstyle!Mopey wasn’t really in the habit of letting her elation been known, in the rare cases where there was any.

The dark, dreary and depressing details are pretty much what you would have expected them to be, given the twins’ explanation: the world is overrun by hordes of the same kind of monsters our heroes had been fighting only one after the other before, and the resultant damage is quite not inconsiderable. To which the population in general shouldn’t be expected to react to with perfect tranquility of mind, and is indeed not.

In a parallel case to the thing with the footage of ruins, I haven’t used a picture of actual people in actual panic, despite the ready availability. Those are actually just boys playing rugby or something. Which reads just as easily as people in a panic or a heap of corpses. Which, come to think of it, tells you a lot about rugby. >_>

And, yeah…comparing comics to real life, the sentence “moving a tank into a blocking position” mean quite different things. With the exception of superhero comics, were tanks are usually used properly as weapons…projectile weapons, most often, but still.

More on Thursday.

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  1. Important scenes happening off camera and the characters describing them afterward. Channeling “The Last Jedi” are we?

    1. Oh, that sort of thing goes back way, way longer. I mean, Ed Wood, jr.’s movies sometimes amounted to little more than a couple of characters describing a completely different movie Ed didn’t have the money to shoot. XD

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