Sober, Rational, Austrian – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 105

Since the last strip already established that Mopey and Biff were still alive, it was time to reveal what actually happened – and who better to provide that bit of exposition than the two most sober and analytical witnesses to those events? They might have had been sober and analytical for only a very short time, at that point, but they were, nevertheless.

As for their redesign… well, I tried to reflect their new, no-fun nature, but also didn’t want to move completely away from their established love of 18th century uniforms. So I gave them Austrian-style uniforms from that period, because they were really the most boring and no-fun style that was around at that time. (The pink facings would indicate the 11th regiment of infantry, specifically, but I only chose the color on principle. XD)

Aside from their new threads, the twins also show off their new-found analytical and intellectual capabilities – and in a quite impressive fashion, at that. I mean, they actually manage to rationalize the style of attack their queen used to finish off the heroes…and given how over-the-top that was, and intentionally at that, that takes some doing. I can’t really embrace their conclusion, though…because, frankly, I chose the attack without even trying to think of a possible justification. Which means, by extension, neither did the Queen. But this after-the-fact rationalization is definitely plausible…well, or at least it’s not nearly as ridiculous at the attack itself.

But then it becomes obvious why those two even tried so hard to rationalize something that probably just about anybody would have accepted as-is without too much fuss – they were, in fact, only spinning up their rationalization gears. Because the had a bigger, and much more important fish to rationalize…fry…frytionalize. For with their rationalization gears spinning near the redline, they actually manage to rationalize maintaining at least one key habit they cherished particularly back in their old lives. Yay for intellectual capabilities – that’s what they’re really for!
Come on, I had to leave them that much, at least…

More on Monday.

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