Ringu Star – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 104

So here we have proof positive that the current seat of the plot, as unrecognizable as it has become, is still in some form geographically associated with Japan (and it never was in more than “some form”, given the annoying vagueness surrounding that aspect).
Because in Canada, ‘sad’ only has three degrees of comparison: sad, sadder, saddest*. Only Japanese has an additional, even higher degree of comparison for the word: Sadako, the megalative.

Another interesting take-away from today’s episode is that the disheveled mess at the end of last Thursday’s episode was, in fact, no one else but our dear friend, Professor Mortis. She really hasn’t been that disheveled at any point in time since she’s got tenure…and she’s never ever been Sadako before. She’s kinda admired her, when she was younger, and for a while considered going into the video-production business…but, ultimately, the lure of instant gratification lured her over onto the side of direct physical violence. Waiting a whole week for your victim to die can be pretty boring, after the momentary elation of gloating is past. >_>

And Biff is still alive, too! So, two confirmed survivals already. Still, the outlook remains gloomy…but that might mostly be due to the aura emanating from Sadako!Mopey. It’s hard to soberly assess a situation’s positive potential in her presence, I would bet.

More on Thursday.

*Considering only the English-speaking part of Canada, here. In the French-speaking part, it would be: triste, plus triste, merde totale. Or something along those lines. But they don’t use Sadako, either…naturally, since they rate even higher in happiness than the English-speaking part of the country.**

**In the real world, this is…in this fictional world, if it even has a Canada, and if that Canada even has a French-speaking part, it would probably still have gone to shit alongside everything else.

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  1. Admittedly, Mopey plays the role quite well. Though apparently she’s back to her goth roots. I can at least take solace in that fact.

  2. Good movie, crap franchise that did not get better with age. Know when to let things die, filmmakers…

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