No More Maple Syrup – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 103

Well, back when I originally drew this strip, the punchline didn’t seem quite as apropos as it does today, but that’s always a risk when working with a buffer…

In a similar vein, the ruins in the background of panels three to five are a still from an old kaiju movie. It wouldn’t have been difficult at all to find pictures of an actual ruined city to use…but I somehow didn’t feel comfortable about that idea. Using a picture of fake ruins seemed more appropriate? Something along those lines. Looking back, I’m very happy I did that, though…with all of the pictures of ruined cities currently in the news, having used actual footage in the backgrounds here would feel extra inappropriate.

On the positive side of things…Yay, no more Everred Forest! It really was beginning to get on my nerves, so I’m kinda happy that this is the last time a new sub-act starts with this setup.

More on Monday.

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    1. Or even EverDead for Rest! XD

      Oops. ^_^; Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve corrected it.

      Counting to number above 100 is hard for me, I only have 97 fingers. I lost some in an accident. Long story.

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