Investiture (and doubts) – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 18

So, it seems that the Paladin and the Barbarian have accepted their priestly vocations, and are already busy with their investiture.

Fortunately, two priestly habits were at hand, because…uh…because the Elder has been keeping all of his old Halloween costumes in his cabinet, and he’s costumed himself as a priest twice over the years…once when he still was very young. A perfectly plausible coincidence. >_>

Getting into the right mindset to go with the costumes is another thing, though, and the Barbessor is troubled in that regard. Snuka offers him a role-model for his new role, but his choices were limited…Father John Captain McKenzie is actually the only priest he’s ever known on a personal level, and since he’s not present, even he can serve only as a hypothetical role-model. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to hypothesize how Father John would have reacted to the sort of spiritual crisis our friends are currently facing…he’d likely have gotten dead drunk and fallen asleep on the floor of the sacristy.

Fortunately for Father John, whatever he might be doing during this chapter, that part of his life is long behind him now. Naturally, that’s not necessarily reassuring for Snuka and the Professorian, who are following Father John’s footsteps into the opposite direction: having been pirates*, they’re now members of the clergy struggling with their faith. One can only hope they don’t have too many alcoholic beverages in their inventories…and that’s likely a vain hope, for at this late stage in an adventure, they likely have too many of anything in their inventories…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* Well, technically a party of adventurers in an RPG aren’t pirates. The correct term is murder hobos, but as far a blood-soaked pillaging and violent internal disagreements are concerned, these are very closely related categories.

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    1. Well, Jesus would likely order the demon to possess a herd of pigs, instead…at least according to the only record we have of a confrontation between him and a demon. As for Batman…well, I guess the closest thing to a demon he has encountered would be Ra’s al Ghul, so the thing Batman would do in this situation is obviously “beat the ever-living shit out of him”. XD

      1. I’m pretty sure Batman met some demons during his run. Silver Age was a weird time.

        1. Bat-mite, his version Mr. Mxpixalix, and thous two worked together a few times, like when they pretended to be Bat girl and Supergirl once.

          1. Hey, I guess that’s true…Bat-mite is officially an imp, which makes him a type of demon! So now we know what Batman would do when faced with a demon…turn his eyes up and laugh it off. XD

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