Missing: Keys of St. Peter – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 19

Well, looks like the exorcism is off to a start!

I left out the adjective in that sentence, since I’m not entirely sure whether this counts as a bad start or a good start. ._. Failure, by definition, is not a success…on the other hand, failing in a preliminary task is not yet as consequential as failing in the main task. So, depending on how much hope you have for the success of our pair of freshly-minted clergymen, one could consider the fact that they haven’t yet failed at the exorcism proper as a minor victory. >_>

Speaking of having hope for the pair, K’ip’s well-wishing are sincerely felt, but unfortunately he delivered them in the wrong format…I guess En’ilef clerics (if there is such a thing) use a completely different format for that sort of exchange, so K’ip couldn’t be aware that he had been supposed to say “the Lord be with you” – or perhaps “carry a lasgun”, like in that famous song.

As for the little obstacle our courageous exorcists encountered today…well, I guess exorcisms just don’t happen that often, if they’re carrying the necessary supplies in a satchel like that. If they were more of a regular occurrence, there’d probably be some sort of tactical belt system for exorcists, where all of the necessary implements are always within quick reach, and your hands are otherwise free. Some vampire hunters have things like that, you could probably adapt that for exorcising – if I get that correct, some of the equipment is identical, like holy water, crosses, and the bible. Wooden stakes and garlic would not be necessary for an exorcism, but what would it hurt to carry them along? They could still come in handy if you want to pitch a tent after the exorcism, and make some stew in celebration.

Anyway, I’m optimistic the necessary tools can be found to…uh, get at the necessary tools, and the exorcism can then proceed. And our exorcists have already gained a little bit of practice, through all of this – after all, the demon can be hardly more stubborn than a seized lock. And, yeah, the old version of Snuka always had tools for opening locks on his person, and wasn’t afraid to use them…but he’s grown a bit weary of that, with growing acceptance of his role as a paladin, and definitely felt it would have been inappropriate to stuff his lockpicking kit into his priestly vestments somewhere…

More on Mo…uh, Thursday

2 Replies to “Missing: Keys of St. Peter – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 19”

  1. Looks like Snuka forgot that he is not a party thief again.
    On the other hand, I don’t think that even with cloak of invisibility Biff would be able to do anything useful.

    1. Yeah, just like Sheila in the original cartoon, Biff seems to have no actual thieving skill beyond the invisibility bit…I guess property crime was too controversial a subject for a childrens’ cartoon protagonist at that point in time. XD

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