Lucky shot – Chap. 3, Act 2, Strip 8

E V E R Y B O D Y !

Yeah, I know I’m a day early. >_> Come on, given my usual level of attention to detail and accuracy, you’re lucky this comes in the correct month. I think it does, at least.

Unfortunately, the Professor has forgotten to pack fireworks – those could have come in handy in other situations, as well, so he had to leave them at home. Never pack essentials when you go on a B-movie expedition!

Fortunately, Biff’s dumb luck makes up for the oversight in spades. “Luck” of course only for the Professor and his little gang, who get to have their customary and obligatory end-of-year spectacle. Less lucky for the inhabitants of Navarone, whose partying plans might have to be (considerably) adjusted to take an unexpected hail of deadly shrapnel and rock splinters into account. Even less lucky for the tourists who wanted to witness the island’s firework display from the look-out point in the bunker – solid as that thing is, it kinda requires the presence of the mountain for staying up there, and that requirement might get a bit critical.

Yes, this is the end of Silhouette Mountain II forever precluding any possibility to reuse it in future chapters! And the people rejoiced!

…although I have heard there is a third, similar mountain around somewhere, rumoured to be three times taller than even Silhouette Mountain II. >_>

More next year (Monday).

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