“X” marks the spot – Chap. 3, Act 2, Strip 7

Lovely culture, the Etrurians. Never mummified their dead, or placed powerful curses on their tombs – Sir Lostalot made sure of that before deciding to refocus his endeavors there.

Phrases like “chop-chop-cheerio” add instant Britishness to any character, every B-movie scriptwriter knows that. Since you can’t always trust casting choices, better employ this method liberally if you want to make sure the audience is able to identify a character as British.

Although Sir Lostalot isn’t even that terribly nationalistic – he only flies the Union Jack next to his tent because flying the Greek and the Turkish flag caused his camp to be shelled with mortars.

And here we learn about the mysterious clue that started it all, delivered by some unidentified stranger. Featuring that magical word, “Atlantis” that causes every B-movie archeologist to go into a frenzy – and would have caused every real-life archeologist to throw the note away without a second glance.

Fortunately, Sir Lostalot got onto the right track immediately. He remembered a story an old friend and colleague had once told him about finding an “X” in Venice…and that was back when that old colleague was still mostly reliable. Off lately, he’s been given to telling incoherent gibberish about fridges, nuclear explosions and aliens. Really sad to see him decline mentally like that.

More on Thursday.

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