Mary had a little accident – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 3

After only a few hundred yards, Michael was suddenly overwhelmed by an inexplicable feeling of dread and foreboding, and a desperate need for 10 bucks for pizza, causing him to hurry back to the place where Mary was waiting. His anxiety grew and grew as he drew nearer to the tree without spotting his sweetheart, whose prominent mammaries are usually so conspicuous from a distance.

As he rounded the tree, he was met with a gruesome sight! … for which there was no budget, however. Aside from the gruesome sight, there also were confusing clues aplenty – the Jolly Roger, that traditional symbol of piracy on the high seas, nailed to the tree with an authentic looking cutlass. The cross, planted upside down right in the middle of the tank tracks trailing off into the distance…the old-style revolver with an empty drum, with the trigger guard looking like it had been bitten off and later soldered on again. The swarm of red herrings. The swarm of red herrings. The swarm of red herrings. What could it all mean????

More on Thursday.

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