Credits before any credits are due – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 4

And the swarm of red herrings segues into the intro credits, I hope that’s not some kind of ill omen.

Nolan opted to go for extended intro credits, this time arounds, rather than only having credits at the end. It comes back to that “credit where credit is due” rule. Having the credits up front will probably tax the audience’s patience less than at the end, where they have an idea how little credit the movie is actually due. Clever, that. >_>

Many of the names are probably familiar, hinting at the reappearance of the main cast from the other chapters. Lee Douglas has fought hard to get better billing this time around, and has managed to secure a place for his credit quite close to those of the other actors. George Geekish’s alcoholism problem has gotten rather worse since the last movie, forcing Nolan to co-credit Johnny Walker for production design.

And finally, the chapter’s title is revealed. Several alternative titles were considered, but a focus group assembled in Nolan’s trailer clearly preferred “Earth vs. Uranus” over “Earth vs. Neptune”, “Earth vs. Mars”, “Earth vs. the former planet known as Pluto” etc. etc. They unanimously stated that, somehow, “Earth vs. Uranus” sounded more threatening on a personal level than any of the other suggestions.

More on Monday.

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