Smooth Transition – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 5

And here the swarm of red herrings seamlessly segues into the movie proper. This elegant transition would have been the highlight of Erich von Smithee’s career as a director (which is already kinda sad in its own way) if only “Smoothie”, the smooth transition goldfish, would have managed to hang on to life just a little bit longer, even in the complete absence of food. Smoothie leaves behind his beloved wife, wanda, and an uncountable number of spawn, none of whom are ever calling Wanda.

While it wasn’t mentioned specifically in the intro credits, something fishy about that fish tells me that that guy Ash is still on staff as animal wrangler for this production. >_>

I hope they’ll give a nice burial to Smoothie, the transitional goldfish. If they bury him under just the right conditions, he might turn into a transitional fossil!

Anyway, this strip reintroduces the first of the main characters to the movie – it’s Mopey, obviously. How do you like her new hairdo?

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