Minor Scientist – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 15

It looks like Snuka’s positive and rational approach has rubbed off on his team-mates by now. Gregory is now clearly in rational/analytical mode as well, and not doing too badly at it. His analysis of the changes that happened to him and Mopey is spot-on…and calling the earlier iteration of Snuka a ‘sociopathic shrimp‘…well, it’s not exactly nice, perhaps, but pretty much spot-on as well. >_>

As for Mopey, she’s still struggling a bit. Her conclusion that Biff and the Professor have very likely also been subject to changes is perfectly rational, and the way she prioritizes whom to look for first…well, it’s not exactly nice, perhaps, as far as Biff is concerned, but pretty much perfectly rational, as well. So far, so good…but she still has obvious difficulties in accepting the reality of another aspect of the situation, even if that aspect keeps tugging at her incessantly. And tugging not only in a metaphorical sense.

In her defense, the degree of change in the Professor’s appearance is kinda hard to swallow. It’s one thing to be youthful-looking for your age, but in the Professor’s case it looks like he’s off by roughly a century. That must be some kind of record. On top of that, his appearance just isn’t sufficiently scholarly any more. And on top of that, even, it’s historically inaccurate to an alarming degree! For someone like Biff it might be okay to believe in horned helmets and skimpy leather harnesses as typical barbarian fashions, but somebody with several degrees in history and related fields should definitely know better!

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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