Check Out These Gains – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 14

And Snuka continues to be rational and analytical about his changed appearance – for the moment, he’s busy mostly gathering data for his analysis, and he’s very thorough about it. He realizes it’s important to cover as many different angles and perspectives as possible, in order to get the most comprehensive self-image.

It’s still too early for him to draw a final conclusion, of course, but his preliminary results are rather satisfying. He much agrees with the extra inches he’s gained in height, as well as in the circumference of his appendages. Usually, that takes years and the occasional trip to the gym, since the Snukathon from chapter 1 (which he’s still regularly practicing) tends to make you tough and wiry, but not muscular and well-defined. And now he got all of that in a flash, without the need even to steal a gym membership! Naturally, he’s intrigued by the question of whether he’s gained inches anywhere else, but he’ll need to wait for a more private moment…if he tries to check for that with the others around, his actions might be misconstrued.

He is also quite happy with his new jawline…he wasn’t quite as deficient as Gregory in that regard, but gaining some volume there is still appreciated. He also kinda likes his new hairdo, and he’ll like it even more once he realizes that for fictional characters, these feathered hairdos are self-maintaining. Which is quite the opposite of what they were in real life. >_>

Mopey, of course, has to be a spoilsport and urge haste. Which is actually quite reasonable, objectively, but she mostly does it because Snuka’s enchantment with his new body is kind of salt in her own wounds in that regard…

On an administrative note, we’ve uploaded chapter 2 now, the last of the missing chapters. So the BMC archives are complete once more! What’s still missing are some of my own commentaries to strips in chapters 2 and 3, and there might still be a few broken links, but we hope to get those finishing touches done soon. But the story itself is complete again – pretty disjointed and meandering in places, as it always was, but complete.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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