Self-Analysis and Self-Improvement – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 13

See? I told you that Snuka was used to getting his head knocked into his chest cavity – and just today he has learned that it was very useful tolerance-training for real life, so he doesn’t even mind terribly anymore.

And, as I predicted*, he is far less instantaneously dismayed at his changed appearance than Mopey had been. In fact, he takes a sober and analytical approach to evaluating not only the changes that went on with him, but those affecting his friends, as well – I guess some of the Professor’s scientific methodology did rub off on him, over the years. Unfortunately, his perspective on the changes that went on with Mopey is slightly skewed…or, let’s say, improperly focused. Not only does it lead him to the wrong conclusion, it leads Mopey to discover that her access to hammerspace has not been revoked along with the other changes in her status. So finally something to be happy about for her, too. (Just imagine her disappointment if she had reached into her special inner space of fury and come up empty-handed!)

Or course there are some aspects of his changes that Snuka does feel a bit conflicted about. An immediate practical concern is the fact that his metal outfit doesn’t feature gumshoes, and is generally far too loud for his liking – and not ‘loud’ in the visual sense, just literally loud. He’s also feeling conflicted about feeling conflicted, actually…historically, he never was much prone to suffering from doubts about his own course of actions, especially not without some prompting.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* Admittedly, not without some inside knowledge.

2 Replies to “Self-Analysis and Self-Improvement – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 13”

  1. Oh hey, just noticed all the chapters are up now! Congratulations!

    Once you’ve got the rest of the titles and commentary back up, I’m definitely going back and doing another marathon reread. It’s been too long.

    1. Thanks a lot! =D Yeah, we’ve finally got the re-upload mostly done. All the posts are there, now – for a grand total of 1.378 including the current chapter. Still a bit left to do, though – a handful pictures still might require relocating, links in comments need repairing, and then those missing comments, mostly in chapter 3… We do have the texts, just not in a convenient format. ^_^;

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