Mozart secretly liked his base, too. – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 9

And, hardly has the new type of starship been christened, Mopey already knows the name. This is possible due to an effect called the osmotic communication of information in a B-movie script. Through this effect, characters in the plot can meta-receive information seeping through from other pages of the script, including the glossary.

Even with such convenient routes of transmission in place, however, Captain Valiant’s seemingly more than cursory knowledge of the heretofore unmentioned, top-secret Repell Alliance is a bit surprising. Even more than surprising, it would even be suspicious, possibly highly suspicious, if it hadn’t been that clearly established already that Captain Valiant is definitely not an Alien spy. I mean, he stressed that fact repeatedly, starting practically as soon as he was introduced, so it’s definitely a settled fact by now. If he had only started his denials a strip or two ago, suspicions could be legitimately maintained, but given that length of time, there can’t really be any doubt. That would have required, like, craaaaaazzzzzyyyyy foresight on his part, and spies in B-movies aren’t typically that clever.

More on Thursday.

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