Star-craft – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 8

I guess at this juncture it isn’t a big surprise how George Geekish’s design for the Alien motherships turned out. He had been told “Star Wars + communism”, and he’s sticking with it. No real reason to rock the boat, especially since it makes his job considerably easier. And, you have to admit, the triangle shape does kinda lend itself well to be combined into a star shape, so he was following the lead of his boss and geometry.

The only thing that gave him some trouble was naming his new creation. Since a single one is already called a Star Destroyer, what would a star of them be called? He couldn’t choose between Star-star Destroyer and Star Destroyer-Star, so he asked an astronomer he knows. The official name is Cluster Destroyer now.

Speaking of following the lead, Lee Douglas (Snuka) was actually supposed to come up with his own line in panel three, but he just isn’t used to being given that sort of lee-way. Or at least that’s one explanation. The other explanation is that he did come up with his own line, but he went for a meta-humorous line so the new line he came up with is just identical to the prompt in the script. Whichever one you prefer.

More on Monday.

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