My Eyes Are Up Here – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 37

Inevitably, Biff’s turn arrives – and he seems very ready for it, at least mentally, having obviously keenly observed what had happened before. So there is no rushing into it, on his part, nor much in the way of hesitation. He obviously has concluded it needs to be done, so he does it in a sober and calm manner, in spite of all the uncertainty concerning the results.

This is indeed a world apart from the way it would have been with Biff’s prior incarnation, and he finds himself rewarded for it with a smooth and dignified transformation sequence. One which focuses on a few modest and unobtrusive parts of his anatomy, centered on his (literal) high-browed nature – definitely nothing for which Latho would have to bring out that handy censorship bar it keeps lugging around. It’s almost a waste, actually, since Biff, whom Hermione Granger definitely might have described as “more of a physical being” not so long ago, still possesses the most fanservice-friendly physique among the male cast members.

How he maintains that physique is a bit of a mystery, given that his new intellectual pursuits can hardly leave him with abundant spare time to hit the gym all that frequently. But it worked for Lex Luthor, so why shouldn’t it work for Biff? There are, after all, important reasons speaking for such consistency in both cases…for example, the possibility to produce action figures of the characters based on the existing moulds, rather than having to design a separate, scrawny scientist body you’re not going to use for any other figure in the range. These moulds don’t come cheap, you know. >_>

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