Mythic Beginnings – Chapter 7, Prologue 27

In fantasy you always get mad bonus points if you can tie in your material with real-life legends or myths…so, here you go: Ancient Egyptian worship of cats is now officially based on distorted memories of K’ip’s achievements inside of that pyramid. Legends always evolve in the retelling, and details get lost or smudged – like, for example, the specific color of K’ip’s fur. Indigo used to be expensive, anyway.

The other thing worthy of note here, is that K’ip’s achievements do become more notable – while he still seems to be relying on arts and crafts, he has become able to tackle monsters far more formidable than comatose goblins. Attacking a giant snake with decorative knitting is a particular clever and effective tactic – the sight of complex knots is known to give snakes crippling issues with their body image. Lacking any other mechanism, the system has to reflect these issues as damage points, allowing K’ip to defeat the snake that way.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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