New Year’s Special 2017 – Chapter 7, Prologue 28

So this is one is going up a few hours early for…reasons. Plainly obvious ones, too.

It wasn’t easy to find a way to let Biff cause his annual New Year’s Day disaster this year, because he’s not actually being present in the plot right now…but I didn’t want to break with the tradition, so a way was found. Thus, instead of just being a dumb jock with a stunning lack of common sense around fireworks/explosives, Biff is now officially an avatar of an unnamed deity common to many cultures and eras…a dumb jock deity with a stunning lack of common sense around fireworks/explosives.

Special shout-out to my girl Si’ri, without whose constant and on-point exposition I couldn’t have pulled this off. XD

Among the cultures that worshiped…well, or at least tried to appease…that deity, was the Egyptian-flavored one in the ruins of which K’ip and Si’ri are currently hanging around. Their worship was organized in a pretty practical way, obviously – by erecting the deity’s shrine in the midst of the desert and storing their stocks of fireworks within it, they cleverly limited the collateral damage that would be caused if the whole appeasement thing didn’t work out. Which probably happened, every now and then, particularly on one specific day each year…

Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

More on Sun…uh, Mon…uh, Thursday.

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