Never say Tie – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 36

I think Mopey is getting too genre-savvy for her own good. >_> She is perfectly right, of course – if she just could have stopped Biff from pointing out the apparent fact that nobody was following them, it would have remained that way! There is just no way anybody could have been following them without somebody pointing out the opposite beforehand, it’s just the rules. Fortunately, there was just no stopping Biff, so their flight back to good old Mother Earth will not turn out as boring and uneventful as Mopey was trying to make it. Serves her right.

As for the design of the Uranian spacefighters, Nolan just said to George: “Think of something along the lines of Star Wars goes Soviet!” It’s alwas dangerous to give George such simple instructions, he tends to take such things literally. He thought precisely up to the point he was told to think of, and then stopped thinking any further than that. If you want to put a positive spin on it, you could say he stays a very safe distance away from overthinking an issue.

More on Monday.

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