La dame de mitrailleuse Maxim – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 1

And thus begins the third and final act of this chapter – and it begins with the obligatory space battle, no less!

For naturally our heroes are not willing to go quietly into that good night! Captain Valliant has already identified the attackers…without any possible base for such an identification…and the Professor is springing into action…well, perhaps not springing, precisely, at his age, but you catch my drift…to ready the Thunderstreak Three for defence! And the ship is well fit out for that purpose…at least comparatively, by the extremely low standards you have to apply to anything acquired from Stan’s. I mean, hey, it’s air-defence technology from the First World War – that wasn’t even a century ago. Compared to the age of the pyramids, that’s not a lot. Compared to the time since Pangea broke apart, it’s practically a drop in the bucket. Perspective, people!

More on Thursday.

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