Too cheap for weak points – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 2

Now it’s war! The Professor seems to be slightly foggy on the issue of which war it actually is, but at his age, and with that many wars under his belt, such little slip-ups are excusable. That thing about Serbia is probably from WWI, and the Kaiser he is referring to is likely Ken Ichijouji, the Digimon Kaizer. I guess he was involved in the war against that guy, as well. Probably in the background somewhere.

And Stan’s stinginess finally seems to pay off for once. He hasn’t equipped the rocket with an a/c-system, making it get uncomfortably hot at times – but due to the missing a/c, the ship also has no thermal exhaust ports, and those, as everyone knows, are the Achilles Heel of a spacecraft! So if you ever think about buying your own deathstar, buy a used one from Stan, and pack your swimming trunks and an electric fan. That way, you’ll beat the heat and the rebels at the same time!

More on Monday.

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