O welche Lust, in freier Luft den Atem leicht zu heben! – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 8

Now this one is a much more legitimate ‘loose thread’.

She was a part of the original team, after all, however marginal her role ultimately turned out to be. And while it was very convenient to write her out of the plot via the Invasive Foreign Species act in force in Gattungsmässigburg, she deserves better than being left in limbo (resp. quarantine) forever. Only a little bit better, perhaps, but better.

So her she’s not only being released on her own recognizances, but I’ve also let her grow up both physically as well as mentally. Which is easily defensible by just not specifying how much time has actually passed in-story. Plus it gives her something that makes the whole thing at least somewhat worthwhile for her…plus plus it actually qualifies as character growth, something I generally tend not to have enough of in my plots, so it’s a nice addition in that regard, as well. XD

What’s kind of awkward, of course, is the mentioning of quarantine laws. I originally wrote and drew this strip a couple of weeks before COVID became a major issue, and had no way of knowing that the word quarantine would rise to such prominence during 2020. So, just to clarify – this strip is not trying to make any sort of political point about the current situation, she’s really only referring to quarantine in the context of animals being held at the border. ^_^;

More on Monday.

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