X Reaches The Spot – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 9

And another happy end/moment of triumph! Mega-X has finally reached the top of Silhouette Mountain!

Or even a mountain three times as high as a mountain three times as high as Silhouette Mountain. Or was this one another three times higher than that? I didn’t really keep track of that. It’s kinda irrelevant, of course, since at the moment, the mountain’s definitely only as high as it (and Silhouette Mountain) was wide before. A little issue with statics, not unusual for mountains with such a high height-to-diameter ratio. >_>

But that doesn’t diminish Mega-X’s achievement at all, since it continued to progress length-wise, so the distance covered is still the full height/length of the mountain. Congrats!

And it’s also a record-setting achievement for the BMC – the first time that a loose thread from two separate chapters found closure at the same instant. I have no idea, of course, what Mega-X is going to do now, having reached its goal, and with its original mission long since having lost any relevance. Whatever it ends up doing, I hope it will find happiness, but it will otherwise not be any concern of ours. Fare thee well, Mega-X. XD

More on Thursday.

2 Replies to “X Reaches The Spot – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 9”

  1. Just a thought: Climb back down Silhouette Mountain? It’s completely pointless as the mountain is toppled over, but in the spirit of mountain climbing; once you get to the top, you still have to make the trek down.

    1. Yeah, that would be an obvious choice. An alternative would be go looking for a higher mountain to climb – or Mega-X could revert to the default for highly developed AIs in B-movies: develop consciousness, go mad and try to enslave or destroy all of humanity. And I couldn’t really blame him for that. XD

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