Obligatory Mugshot Gallery – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 16

So here’s Biff, running the team down…thankfully not with his car, as he did with the football team last week, because he accidentally put his SUV in reverse in the parking lot opposite the stadium. No, he’s doing it very neatly and professionally…apparently, being promoted to Dean Martin’s office assistant has really motivated him. It is a considerable achievement, after all, for somebody who’s been generally considered to be headed for a career as second assitant janitor. In reserve. For an abandoned log cabin in Montana.

Anyway, I’m very thankful for his good work, since it gives me a strip I can refer to as a short introduction of the characters, simliar to the briefing at the start of the last chapter. Aside from the two new characters, Hawker Valiant and Busty, not a whole lot has changed regarding the others. Biff is still an expert for demolitions…mostly the unintentional kind. The Professor is still an expert for everything, save its practical application. Mopey is still goth…but at least she’s got a new hairdo and a new…okay, make that slightly worn…boyfriend.

The only character for whom major changes have come about is Snuka. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his character. But he’s no longer a force ghost, he’s a mobster now…which is…an improvement?…I think…for him, at least. Less so for the rest of the planet…let’s call it a wash. At least he’s alive. Until that sunuvabitch van Owen shows receives his orders, that is.

More on Monday.

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