Predictive service – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 17

And Biff’s career as an office assistant is off to a great start already! He’s managed to successfully book the flight tickets for the whole team, without ever having done it before! And what turned out to be the key to that success? – Simply not overintellekshulizing things! Normally, Biff would have thought he’d have to think about what he was going to do beforehand, but then he felt he shouldn’t think that much about it and – presto! – everything went better than expected.

He just picked up the phone, and the friendly and totally unsuspicious anomnymous comrade at the other end of the line immediately knew what Biff wanted. Which isn’t that inexplicable to Biff, since he has heard that companies can track customer movements and predict their behavior through cookies – and Biff eats lots of those. Yeah, that must be the explanation – he ate a few cookies before coming to the lab, and that must have enabled the airline to predict the number of tickets and destination, and to make sure he has the right guy on the phone right away.

Of course the whole thing is slightly reminiscent of the old Soviet joke: “Interested in working for the KGB? Get in contact with one of our operators today! – Just pick up the phone and dial . . . any number.”

More on Thursday.

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