Of Crabs And Ham – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 16

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a feline, K’ip did not react to the fact that his bowl was overly full before it was too late. >_> The quest is therefore temporarily suspended while our hero is occupied with the task of digestion, fortified with a nap or five. Well, cats. On the other hand, crab meat. Perhaps understandable.

Si’ri seems unperturbed, probably this wasn’t the first instance of something like that happening on their long, long journey. She uses the time to consult her extensive notes regarding their upcoming objectives. And informs K’ip about an amusing linguistic idiosyncrasy. Apparently, the people dwelling around the Sanctuary of Serenity speak an unusual dialect, causing the name of the sanctuary to be spelled as the Tomb of Horrors. Funny.

You know, it’s just like the people of Albany, NY, referring to hamburgers as “steamed hams“. It’s important to add such little, inconsequential details when world-building for any fantasy campaign, it makes places feel more real.

But it’s a good thing that the traveling sage warned K’ip and Si’ri about the issue. Now they know not to be put off by mentions of the Tomb of Horrors…otherwise they might have gotten the idea they were headed for the wrong place, or something along those lines… >_>
Which could be confusing, especially since some people might easily feel that a name like “Tomb of Horrors” is almost close to being a little bit inauspicious.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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  1. I don’t comment often, but I have to say that I love the little essays you write with every update. It’s a wonderful touch and I always read each one.

    1. Thanks a lot, good to hear! =D

      When we re-uploaded the archives after the recent host switch, it was quite interesting for me to read some of my old commentaries from, say, 2006 or 2007. Kind of like a time-capsule of my antediluvian self. XD

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