Mega Jumbo Lump – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 15

As was to be expected, the oversized crustacean ended up a meal instead of a match for a grown-up K’ip. In RPG monsters, mere size only gets you that far – if you don’t have any additional magical traits or abilities, being a scaled-up version of a common animal won’t let you raise above the extended entry level.

In selecting the weak spot, I ultimately opted for the center-of-the-belly route, since I couldn’t figure out where the creature’s greed would be located. I mean, obviously it would be in it’s brain, but I’ve got no idea where that is, either. (Probably toward the front and center, but that’s just a guess.)

K’ip does certainly enjoy his free meal. While En’ilef aren’t too fond of water as such, they do have a predilection for its inhabitants, and K’ip is no exception. Especially when they’re courteously supplying their own cooking vessel, as is the case here. It looks like he’s put way too much into his bowl, though – but isn’t that exactly what any cat would do, given the chance?

As for his ‘most’ delicious remark…better don’t think too deeply about which of his fallen enemies K’ip might have or might have not tried to eat. There are reasons for why I don’t show certain scenes…

On the side, this strips also clears up another point regarding K’ip’s new-found maturity: yes, he’s become an adult in every respect (in which a feline can become one), but Si’ri is looking after him to prevent potential negative outcomes…like STDs, or excessive littering. And, just for the record, Si’ri’s laughter is appropriately pleasant and bell-like for a fairy, it’s not as grating as her voice.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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