Old natives are always right. – Chapter 2, Strip 341

It might look like the Professor was really getting a bit forgetful, off lately – but, actually, he has more or less always been that way. His is a mind forever voyaging, so it’s especially those mundane, close-to-home things that get overlooked every now and then.

This episode was already part of the first draft of the chapter, and originally was in grayscale – but, through all my stalling and waffling, it’s now been close to two years since the other episode it refers to has been published. ._. I promise the next chapter will be shorter…something like two strips, and the second one will only consist of text: “rocks fall, everyone dies”…well, perhaps three strips…

Anyway, B-movie laws have been observed: the old Indian’s mysterious words of native wisdom have proven to be correct, even if no reasonable person could ever have as much as suspected it. The last obstacle in the Professor’s path has been overcome with limited loss of time, and the end draws near. More on Thursday.

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