One suspect ruled out – Chap. 3, Act 2, Strip 11

Fun, if slightly bizarre, fact – this strip started out as a Justin Bieber joke. I’ll leave it to you to imagine how I intended to draw that connection, that’ll probably be funnier than the actual lame joke.

Other than that, the strip is just intended to make clear that Rutentuten will not show up in this chapter, even if it’s the third one – and villains from the first part of a trilogy always have heightened probability of showing up in the third. But not in this case – the first chapter was already named “The Revenge of Rutentuten”, so how should I have named a third chapter that would have involved him? “The Return of the Revenge of Rutentuten”? “The Revenge of Rutentuten strikes back”? “Revenge of Rutentuten II – Egyptian Boogaloo”? “The Revenge of Rutentuten kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat”?

Yeah, I know that phone company’s never follow through on these full-mouthed promises when it’s inconvenient – but having the Curse of the Pharaohs to unleash, when necessary, is a considerable help in that kind of negotiations. Working at a call-center is bad enough, working at a lethally cursed call-center is a job you won’t get a lot of applicants for even in this economy.

More on Monday.

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