The greeky side of Egypt – Chap. 3, Act 2, Strip 11

Of course, Sir Lostalot’s observation in panel one is true only in B-movies. In reality, the holy grail is not the holy grail of archeology. If the holy grail did exist, unearthing it would certainly be a spectacular find – but not the holy grail. Not because it isn’t the holy grail, but because archeology has holy grails holier than the holy grail, because it has the holy grail, or could have it, and other fields of science, who don’t have the holy grail, have a holy grail which is just a holy grail and not significantly holier than the holy grail, because they. simply. don’t. have. it. Is that so hard to understand?

As for panels three to five, what do you mean, reused footage from the first chapter? The first chapter took place in Egypt, while these sequences clearly take place in Greece. The character even says so himself, even if his voice doesn’t fit the lip movements. This scene bears a superficial resemblance to the earlier sequence, but that is only a very subtle hint by the director, clearly signifying…uh…the replaceable and exchangable character of manual labor in a capitalist society. UH, right. Very deep and symbolic and stuff. >_>

Regarding “Bitch Cassidy and the Sunkist Kid”…uh, well, I dunno. Either it’s Biff usual problem with remembering words correctly, or he saw a parodistically named pr0n version of the movie without noticing – either one is about as likely as the other.

More on Thursday.

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