The changeful history of Kero-Chan – Chap. 3, Act 2, Strip 10

I’m not entirely sure regarding the Acropolis of Athens – I would almost suspect that they just made it that big on the map to make sure it’s recognizable, but perhaps it’s really that big and spans half the country. Naturally, for a B-movie you have to go with the more outrageous version.

Sir Lostalot’s remarks are a bit ambiguous regarding the setting of this segment. The library set was expensive, so they’re sure they’re going to reuse it – they aren’t sure for what, though, so this is either the Central Library in Central City, Empire State, or Sir Lostalot’s cozy little private reading room in Decaying Manor Hall Castle in the United Kingdom of Britishness. Sir Lostalot is cleverly leaving both options open.

As for the history of Kero-Chan, it’s true the island changed hands quite regularly during the centuries, but it’s not the only one in the region. It comes from being surrounded by empires and sea. The locals try to ignore it as best as they can.

But the study by Prof. Arijog discovered by Sir Lostalot truly comes as a shock! It’s incredible, absolutely unbelievable! Unheard of in the 21st Century! A study being published in a respected scientific journal despite being incomplete and all of the annotations having been ripped of by a dinosaur! The peer-review process must have failed completely at that rag. ._.

More on Monday.

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