Opium-for-the-masses-dammit! – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 32

And, just as the success of the heroes’ plan was inevitable, so was the fact that it would foil Uranin’s assault on the base at the last possible moment: with the cluster destroyer already charging its death ray, seconds away from obliberating the base. It probably took a lot of coordination to set it up like that, but Uranin probably was fully cooperative – he’s a professional villain, after all.

And now he’s left with nothing to do but say “Goddamit all to hell”. Or, well, the Uranian equivalent of saying that. And later suffer through a heaping spoonful of snark from his fellow space dictator from the red planet, which is apparently not quite as red as blue Uranus, these days. But perhaps he can use the space dictators meeting to commiserate for a while with Akuns, who also has made some bad experiences on Earth. Assuming Akuns is still welcome at the meeting, inspite of his lametable descent into insanity.

That thing about “the next time” in the last panel isn’t a sequel hook, by the way. Uranin might show up again some day, but definitely not in the next chapter. Which isn’t too far off, by the way – only four more strips left in this one.

The next of those on Monday.

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