Revenge of the Claw! – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 33

Heh, bet you thought I would forget about that – the fact that there was a deformed killer with red claws loose at the beginning of the chapter. Hah! No, sir. I never forget about things. At least not the things I think of.

And aside from my phenomenal memory, there is also the fact that this part is practically mandatory. Just when the heroes think they can lean back and relax…or celebrate, depenind on temperament…that one, unusally persistent henchman shows back up to take one last stab at poinless revenge, without any practical chance at succeeding. And, in this chapter, it would obviously have to be the defamed guy with the…what was it again? Ah, yes. Blue peglegs. Right. I wouldn’t forget something like that.

More on Thursday.

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