S C I E N C E ! – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 34

Has science gone too far?

Naw, of course not. Nothing but a little setback in the eternal quest for furthering humanity’s knowledge. The Repell Alliance Secret Base, which served our heroes so well, might be gone….as well as possible most life in that hemisphere of the planet…but it did not succumb in vain. Valuable scientific knowledge was gained! The Professor has found out that Uranian soil is highly volatile, especially if your hand is a bit shaky when you’re handling the beaker with high-test peroxide. Assuming that the results can be reproduced (on the other hemisphere of the planet), this allows science to conclude that Uranus is very unlikely to be able to sustain any form of life. You know, aside from all the people there.

And anyway, the Professor deserved a little break…after all the adventuring, he has the right to relax with a bit of science. He would never rate the experiment a disaster, it was just a bit…overenthusiastic. Snuka also got a break, just by not being the person clobbered by Mopey, and Mopey got a break by getting to clobber someone, even if it was nobody she knew well enough to detest. Biff didn’t get a break, but he’s a jock – so he’ll be fine. Gregory, of course, got the biggest break – he ends the chapter with his own personal army of military-trained Uranian zombies – and now they’re even irradiated zombies, that makes them even more dangerous. That’s definitely a base he can work from.

More on Monday.

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