Overlooked a Destiny Fork – Chapter 7, Prologue 32

Today was a good day for K’ip! He feels like he’s really making some progress on that heroism front, at last. Using his stealth and situational awareness skills to the utmost, he manages to deal a decisive blow to his new allies’ enemies, and he even gets full recognition for it! That doesn’t always happen, but if it does, it makes the whole heroism deal even sweeter, and definitely worth the risks and wracked nerves. Yes, sir, K’ip’s feeling quite the hero right now.

And even Si’ri feels that K’ip is quite the hero right now…if you disregard one little concern she has. For Si’ri has an almost supernatural ability to be aware of K’ip’s status in a whole bunch of categories…almost like there existed something like official, numerical values for these various “stats” that she would be privy to. And right now she has that overpowering feeling that K’ip’s level in one of those categories just took an inexplicable nose-dive. It’s the category that she likes to call, to herself, “karma” – almost like that was its official name. It has to do with the balance between K’ip’s good deeds and bad deeds, she feels, and right now it reacted just like K’ip had just done something massively bad. Not that she could tell, precisely, what that would be. ._. Probably got something to do with K’ip not being perfectly humble about his achievements right now?

Fun fact, if Si’ri had a companion fairy of her own, she’d tell Si’ri something about looking at the bigger picture, right now, and how important it is to ascertain the larger context of your immediate situation before taking action. Things like, I don’t know, what kind of people your allies are in general? ._. Unfortunately, Si’ri doesn’t have a companion fairy, because I don’t have the time to draw endlessly recursive fairies, so she’ll remain puzzled by K’ip’s sudden accumulation of bad karma. But she’ll help him work on it…somehow…for example by reminding him to sort his trash?

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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