The Weird Cousins – Chapter 7, Prologue 31

Obviously, traveling adventurers like K’ip and Si’ri…sorry, traveling adventurers, like K’ip, and their companion fairies, like Si’ri*…shouldn’t run into only enemies on their travels. Occasionally, they should also find some allies…and I thought a race of anthropomorphic desert foxes would be a good and logical choice there, and fit in well with K’ip’s background.

To refine the background I googled “desert fox”, of course…but…I’m not sure, but it almost seems to me like some of the results I got didn’t really fit in with some of the others. Some of the results focused on the big ears and bushy tails as trademarks of desert foxes, yet some others but more stress on the tanks and uniforms. ._. *shrug* I threw it all together, anyway, that way it’s bound to be at least partially right, and the rest can always be handwaved away as magic, can’t it? Fantasy setting, after all…

And, yeah, quilting is cool. =)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* Si’ri insists on the differentiation, since it markedly reduces her quota in the risk-sharing.

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