Pazuzu Protects – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 114

And thus we finally reach the word ‘fin’ for this chapter. Which I prefer to “The End” for reasons I’m not even sure of myself. >_>

Appropriately, the final offices fall to Mopey, who summarizes the events in a highly scientific, sober and analytical way – but, fortunately, doesn’t bother the audience with it. Instead, she bothers them with her attempts at ensuring the secrecy and confidentiality of these scientific findings. Which, after all, are potentially earth-shattering in nature, so perhaps deserve a little bit of looking after.

Originally, this strip would have referrenced the US government storehouse from the Indiana Jones movies, where the Arc of the Convenant, Alien bodies and (assumedly) all kinds of other secret materials are neatly stacked in sturdy boxes, forever safe from any kind of evaluation or research. But recent events created a different powerful visual for the mass storage of sensitive materials, and I couldn’t help

but going with that, instead.

This recent affair also gives added plausibility to Mopey’s concerns with security, so in addition to an absolutely unambiguous label, she adds a statuette of Pazuzu to the security features for the laptop. Definitely a good move, for if you want to secure something in a way in which absolutely nothing can go wrong, a statuette of Pazuzu is clearly a top choice.

Isn’t it?

Still a bit more on Monday.

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