One Word Summary – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 113

Saying something positive about Latho isn’t easy. And it isn’t pleasant. So, naturally, the task falls to Snuka, who generally gets stuck doing the hard, unpleasant stuff. The fact that he’s the youngest might also have something to with this…and it also might have something to do with that.

Plus, I actually do think that Snuka is the character most likely to recognize and acknowledge the grayness in a dark character – both on account of his age as well as his own gray zone issues…

Special guest star: Snuka’s rarely seen eyes. Blue, surprisingly. Although I can’t guarantee that I haven’t shown them in a different color during one of the earlier of their few appearances – there’s nothing on his character sheet regarding his eyes, since I didn’t consider that necessary at that point in time.

And so Latho is off for good, accompanied by an acknowledgement of his good side and also good wishes…although these, probably, center mostly around him not falling back into his old ways. And just not falling back to Earth in general. In his new stage he’s got more positive traits, of course, while still being fluffy in places – so perhaps he deserves a few good wishes on that account, as well.

More on Thursday.

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  1. Hey, as a redeemed villain, he’s doing better than most of the old villains! Who just kind of decided this wasn’t for them and left.

    Pretty smart, really.

    1. Yeah, if you have to be a villain, the magical-girls-genre is definitely the way to go. You get all of the villainous fun for most of the duration, and then you’re hit (painlessly) with the power of love and are instantly redeemed and permanently happy. Aside from the very few examples of villains winning outright, it doesn’t get much better for fictional villains. XD

  2. The earliest time you shown Snuka’s eye was in chapter 2, and it was colorless. I would call it more a stylistic choice and not a canon eye color.

    1. Yeah, and I’d even have two alternative excuses ready to go if needed: I could excuse it in-universe with Snuka wearing colored contact lenses (and liking to mix it up) or out-of-universe with the (usual) shoddy continuity. Which, I guess, would also need to involve contact lenses, since actors don’t accidentally turn up with the wrong eye color…

      1. I finally found his eyes colored in chapter six and they…

        due to stress / duo personality.
        Now you have it: a canon reason to have Snuka’s eyes whatever color you want from now on. And better suited B-Movie spirit if you ask me.

        1. Thanks a lot, that’s really great to hear! I probably would never have been able to keep this consistent even if I tried – not I won’t even have to try. =D

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