Thorough Penance – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 112

I had to devote a little more time on Latho’s tour of penance and making-up-for-it, but used Gregory’s obvious dislike of giving long presentations as cover to reduce it to a single, select example.

And I used the case of the humiliated giant octopus for that example, just because it shows the sheer amount of dedication and attention to detail that Latho is investing into the whole thing. And, yeah – it was a giant octopus not a giant squid. I mixed that up when I did the dialogue for this strip…and despite of catching it in time, I left the mistake in as another thing that’s entirely typical of B-movie continuity issues.

I also crammed Latho’s departure for space into this one, partly to make up for the fact that I couldn’t really come up with much of a gag or punchline for all of this. Unless you count that “Cadillegg” thing, but yeah, that one’s weak even by my standards.

But, alas – Latho is gone and all the damage he wrought has been non-magically (yet still quite magically) undone off-screen. Isn’t that a pretty proper outcome for a magical-girls-story?

Still, more on Monday.

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    1. Largest? Actually, I’d guess this is only a compact Cadillegg. A full-size Cadillegg would probably be humongous in relation to the passenger, judged by real-life Cadillacs. XD

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