Pirate vs. Ninja: The All-seeing Eye – Chapter 2, Strip 255

So here are our two combatants again – mostly unhurt, save for lungs full of gunpowder smoke…it really seems like pirating isn’t the right profession for non-smokers, all in all. Odd, considering their proven effectiveness in fighting global warming…

And, yeah, the ninja was hiding against one of the rock pillars, using a camouflage cloth. In fact, you can make out his faint outline in the third panel of this strip. Consider it a vision test – if you didn’t spot him the first time through, you’ve got to work on your ninja detecting skills. ASAP. They’re everywhere! >_> <_< >_> <_< O_o;

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you”? I never understood what’s supposed to be so bad about that…I mean, I’d see that the abyss is deep, and the abyss’d see that I’m shallow – but it’s not like I’ve been denying that, anyway…

Obviously, Father John Captain McKenzie didn’t have to look all that deep into that ninja’s soul to make a note of his literary preferences…not that it surprises him much, anyway – he’s received confessions often enough to be pretty jaded by all standards. Good thing, actually, that he hadn’t yet had that eye back when he still held his old job – it would have made going to confess to him a much more profound experience, I’m sure… Speaking of his unusual eye, you’ll note that it’s suddenly on his left side, rather than on his right. That’s just a small mistake I made that’s not a mistake. There are very good reasons for that which I will make up reveal later.

But will there be any consequences to this (not so) shocking revelation? Tune in Thursday for the final conclusion of this battle! A new voting incentive is up, as well.

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