Plainly Psychological – Chapter 7, Prologue 38

I mean, if you’re normally living in the eternal twilight of a remote valley ringed with towering mountains, I guess a trip through a landscape featuring endless horizons all around could feel like a breath of fresh air…for a while. And it might be the same for somebody born and raised in a place like the Evergreen Forest. But…endless plains without any sign of human habitation around do give you a funny feeling after a while, and that would only be worse for somebody used to being surrounded by living things on all sides all dawn and dusk*.

So, yeah, K’ip psychological condition could really get affected if he doesn’t get a change of landscape soon. His newly plain expression** is already an early sign…if it keeps on like this, he might reach a point where he thinks back fondly to those birds singing evergreens in the trees back home. And that would be a pretty clear sign of severe mental damage. ._.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* Not all day and night, of course. K’ip is normally crepuscular, as has been pointed out before. Which is not as bad as it sounds…

** Uncharacteristically for me, I’ll forego the possible one-punchline.

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