Shark Week, Plains Edition – Chapter 7, Prologue 37

Time for an encounter with an iconic plains monster that has had its place in D&D since the very beginning, and is still going strong as of the fifth edition: The landshark. Born from the union of a plastic kaiju figurine and some physics-defying feats, its appearance has changed a lot over the various editions. I’ve based this version on the newer iterations, since the first one looked a bit goofy, tbh. >_> Wonder which kaiju franchise that was from, I suspect Ultraman.

As for the creature’s behavior, I assume the ability to move underground at high speed is common to all versions. Where I wasn’t sure regarding the landshark’s behavior, I drew on the expertise of SNL, who probably made sure they stayed true to canon. After all, when you can’t trust SNL on something like that, who can you trust?

An alternative name for the landshark is bulette, which means that in Germany, it could also be called Frikadelle or Fleischpflanzerl, depending on which specific part of the country you’re in. Be careful with that, people take that distinction very seriously.

And Si’ri is wrong that there isn’t any developed sanitation system in this campaign setting, she just has never yet been to the posher parts of it.

There are, however, no developed telegraph systems, so the landshark’s second attempt is unlikely to succeed where the first failed…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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    1. Naw, singing would require a landwhale instead of a landshark. =P But perhaps K’ip could convince the Bullette to become a strippergram – that would at least reduce its armor class. XD

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