Planipotentiary – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 50

Now that word is out that he’s actually a villain, Captain Emo can at last let his hair down a little bit, and add classical villainous touch or two to his appearance. The gilded cigarette holder fits the bill quite nicely, actually, but it doesn’t seem to completely harmonize with the mask. Coordinating your accessories is important!

Aside from observing our friends via a “hidden” cam which seems to be placed flat in the middle of the cellblock corridor, and would likely be impossible to overlook (which is about par for the course when it comes to hidden cameras in B-movies), Captain Emo is doing the needful – now that the heroes are gaining ground on him, he’s got to talk up his threat level again, so he doesn’t enter the final confrontation diminished in stature. This is most parsimonously done by pointing to allegedly vast but completely immaterial resources, for example a back-up plan or two. Naturally, all of these will be later rendered meaningless by Emo having overlooked the effect of some crucial little detail in all of them, usually something sentimental like love or friendship. If I was a villain, I’d simply always have a lump 5% allowance for love/friendship-related complications calculated into my plans at every stage. ._.

Of course there’s also a “Plan B” among his back-up plans, but in respect of religious sensibilities I haven’t labelled the pill bottle.

More on Monday.

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