Restdoom – Chapter 2, Strip 19

Okay, Snuka jumped to the wrong conclusion here (as you probably guessed), but cut the kid some slack – how is he supposed to know better if everyone makes such a big secret out of menstruation? At Snuka’s age, an average male has accumulated the following factoids on ‘a woman’s special days’: – got something to do with blood. – guys have only one ‘special day’ per year (Superbowl), girls have a couple per month. Nothing to do with football, though. – somehow, the moon’s phases causes eggs to jump about. Must be a pretty mess. – you need special ‘protective’ gear in your pants. Nothing to do with football, though. – entitles girls to be grumpy either before, during or after the period. Or a combination. – to much female hormones cause unpredictable, violent behaviour. Nothing to do with football, though. – if they think calling it ‘special days’ is less embarrassing than giving its proper name, it must be really, really bad.

Why is Snuka hanging around outside the Ladies’ room, anyway? I’m starting to worry about him…

About the birds in panel one…Yeah, ever since Prof. Dr. started experimenting with supercharged magnetic fields, all the birds on campus fly that erratically. (In B-movie science, all types of fields can be ‘supercharged’ or have their ‘polarity reversed’. Don’t ask me what it means…) If you are into augury, it could also be considered a portent of doom…

As a public service effort, Thursday will be a special episode: Prof. Doctor explains the secrets of menstruation. Finally, the veil of secrecy and misunderstanding will be lifted, so the male public can KNOW. Feel free to vote a bit in preemptive gratitude.

Title: Restdoom

Text: This experience will likely make Snuka see PMS with completely different eyes…

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