Roll the credits V – Chapter 2, Strip 452

When I wrote that George was the only one being proud of his work on this movie, I forgot Pierce Chanley, of course, who always takes great pride in his work.

No doubt that he full well expected to show up in the credits, just not quite at such length – but Nolan felt the space he takes up in the credits should reflect the amount of time he cost the production with his pedantery.*

Still, Nolan and Pierce are stuck together for the long run – every other production company has already told Pierce that they’d rather file for chapter 11 right away before hiring him, and every other competent make-up artist has already told Nolan that they’d rather cut off their right arm before working for him.

More on Monday.

*Which works out to a monetary loss, obviously – actors are getting paid even for the time they spend in the make-up chair. Save Lee, who doesn’t get paid at all – that’s another reason why he got all the parts involving heavy make-up on this production.

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