Running Good – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 25

And here we see, plainly demonstrated, yet another serious flaw in an otherwise awesome five-headed monster: Tiamagdor’s lack of determination. Really, I’m very disappointed. With five heads, you’d expect it would have at least one that knows the value of applying yourself and doing a good job, but apparently not. Or perhaps there’s such a head, but it’s not assertive enough to get the other ones to go along. I’m not sure about the pecking order between the various heads, anyway. I’d assume that the red head is in charge, because…well, mostly just because redheads have that sort of reputation. And the white head is probably the smart one, since it invented both the aircraft as well as the torpedo, and was a smartypants in general. Hard to tell, really, perhaps we’ll learn more as events progress.

While I am disappointed with the five-headed dragon, our as-of-yet-unnamed gnomish character is similarly disappointed in the five-headed team. And for pretty much the same reasons, too – a shameful lack of blind heroism in the face of adversity. That always irks DMs, I guess – what’s the purpose of a RPG with a heroic fantasy setting if you aren’t actually fantasizing about being heroic? If you want to be reasonable, you can just go out and do that all day long. You’ll quickly see how boring that is.
But while the gnome isn’t totally wrong about that, two factors weigh in favor of our hero…uh, our protagonists:

First one is that they didn’t actually really sign up for this whole deal, so they aren’t there by choice…yes, I know that there was a disclaimer on the back of that amusement ride ticket that said that getting onto the ride constitutes agreement to getting transported to another dimension, but that text was in 2 pt type, light grey on white, and Cyrillic.

And the second factor is…well, it’s that DMs are most often complete complete hypocrites about that, anyway, gleefully punishing characters for reasonable cowardice as well as unreasonable heroism. You just can’t please them. The gnome isn’t lying when he says he hates this kind of party, but he fails to mention that he hates the other kind just as much. =P

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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