Crawling Evil – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 24

Well, yeah. I’m afraid that Tiamagdor’s awesome offensive strength does come at a price. There needs to be a trade-off somewhere, and in this case, its limited mobility and speed. With nearly-useless legs and completely useless wings, Tiamagdor often finds it a challenge to keep up with opponents who opt for a speedy retreat – and that’s a frequent choice, actually, and an entirely reasonable one, when facing a five-headed dragon. There’s nothing wrong with being a crawling evil if you’re, like, a Shoggoth or something, but for a five-headed dragon it does constitute a serious flaw.

Of course I’m not really in any position to criticize Tiamagdor’s training regime, since I always skip leg day…and all other work-out days, as well, while I’m at it. And of course I skip wing day, too, but in that case I have a bit of an excuse. >_>

A multi-headed dragon grunt sounds similar to a multi-headed dragon roar, but with the dragon being out of breath. Still probably quite awesome-sounding, coming from five dragon heads, but somewhat less dignified than the roar.

As for our friends, they’re probably and understandably elated at the apparent success of their tactical choice, but unfortunately that relieves them of the immediate need, and thus any motivation, to examine the magical weapons they’ve just been granted. They’re not just random junk, as Mopey seems to think! They’re magical random junk +1, at the very least.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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