Yay, new job titles! – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 23

So, and now we’re finally through with that old D&D show intro: we have our final new introduction and the highly significant symbolic act of re-christening.

As for the new introductee, more about that annoying, smug little walking-plot-device will be said later, when he introduces himself formally. Unlike in Uni’s case, here I really had no option to leave him out completely, but I did consider toning down some of his most annoying traits and habits…until I took stock and realized that the character actually consists of nothing but annoying traits and habits. Which is, of course, something he shares with a non-trivial number of real-life DMs, so perhaps it’s even justified in this case. So, ultimately, I decided to maintain his annoyingness intact. I’m sorry.

The other important thing going on in this strip is that our team get officially christened with their new identities. From now on, they will be known as the Paladin, the Barbarian, the Thief, the Cavalier and the Magician. Well, at least to outsiders…I guess they’ll continue calling each other by their proper names, going with job titles is so awkwardly formal. The classes are as they were on that old show, save for the Paladin replacing the Ranger. As you can see, the classes are assigned somewhat against type: It’s not Snuka who gets to be the Thief, it’s Biff, who’s never before stolen anything but the joy from Mopey’s life. Snuka is the Paladin, instead, because he knows everything about Righteousness from avoiding it so religiously. The Professor turns into a Barbarian, much at odds with him understanding himself as a man of culture. Mopey is a cavalier, instead of the drow black mage she’d always envisioned herself as. And Gregory, with his known aversion to reading, is a magician. That should mess them all up nicely, Buahahahahahah! >:D (I hope you’ll get an evil laugh out of that mere fact, as well, since I couldn’t manage to fit any punchline into this obligatory episode ^_^;)

One thing that’s not gotten messed up, fortunately, are their well-established survival instincts…new, heroic job titles or not, they’re still smart enough to flee wildly when suddenly confronted with a five-headed monstrosity spewing various types of unpleasantness in their general direction. The gnome’s “Fear not!” goes unheeded, but I guess he’s not even surprised by that, himself. He probably just said it to follow protocol.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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